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18-22 December, 2024
Venue: ITC Royal Bengal & ITC Sonar,
Kolkata, India


It's a great honour and pleasure to invite you to NSICON 2024 at Kolkata, the Capital of British India till 1911. City has unique distinction of having produced maximum noble laurettes in India and to have had first Medical College of India in 1835.


Kolkota is a vibrant place, rich culture, freedom struggle, engraved history, beautiful places to see and many more blends of life.


In this setting, I am sure NSICON 2024 would have a very appealing attraction to be part of a larger conclave of Neurosurgeons from all over World.


Sharing knowledge, improving skills and showcasing your work will be at its best.


Hospitality of Kolkata is going to be exemplary as we know the potential of Dr Sandip Chatterjee and his team. 


Don't miss the opportunity, to see Bengal rolling out the red carpet for each one of you to welcome at NSICON.

Dr Krish Sridhar


Welcome to the city of Kolkata in December 2024 for the 72nd Annual conference of the Neurological Society of India.


It has been truly exciting to meet in person and I am sure that it will be the same at the NSICON 2024. Dr Sandip Chatterjee and the entire organizing team will leave no stone unturned to make the conference arrangements impeccable. 


Kolkata is a clean, modern city with excellent connectivity. The venue is a place where one can unwind and absorb with a relaxed mind the scientific deliberations. It will be an excellent place for a family holiday. 


Looking forward to seeing a great many of you there in December 2024

Dr Krish Sridhar
The Conference


This is extending our best wishes for 2024 for you and yours.


As you are well aware, the annual conference of the Neurological Society of India for the year 2024 is scheduled to be held in Kolkata between 18.12.2024 and 22.12.2024 in the very prestigious location of ITC Royal Bengal, ITC Sonar the newest luxury hotel in the city.


Kolkata is waiting to welcome you. The City of Joy was the name Kolkata was christened with representing the happiness of its inhabitants inspite of adverse conditions has now been replaced by new nomenclature for the city which we now call The City of Nobels. This is because 6 Nobel laureates of this country have worked in this city and have their roots in the city and they include Sir. Ronald Ross, C.V Raman, Rabindranath Tagore, Mother Teressa, Amartya Sen and Abhijit Banerjee. The last two are the alumni of the famous Presidency College of the city. Hence, intellectual pursuits while exuding inner happiness seems to be the defining qualities of this city. It is also of course known for its colonial heritage, its political rallies and its thriving art and culture scene.


After the conference, you will have an opportunity to visit either the norther part of the state form where you can see the towering Himalayas in winter or the southern part of the state where you can witness the only living habitat of the Bengal tiger. In Kolkata itself, immediately post conference, infact starting on the last day of the conference will be inaugurated the Kolkata Christmas festival, a time when the area around Park Steet and Allen Park, in the southern part of the city is completely lit up and when music festivals are performed. Have a great 2024 but put down the dates in your diary today and we hope to see you in Kolkata this winter.


Dr Sandip Chatterjee

Organizing Secretary


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